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Post  Guilty on Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:02 pm

Hello ppl,
Imo we need to recruit more Reliable tanks and healers.Also some additional dps would be welcome:
How i see things:

Warrior(Tank): Need 2 more(Elro can't be online 100% of the time,its only normal. He is the only 1 that is raiding since Taur retired.)
Paladin(Tank): Need 2 more( we only have Feuya)
Paladin(Healer): Need 2 more(we only have Hordina and Dismay.Same as above,we can't ask ppl to be online 24/7)
Druid(Tank): Need 2 more(And we need them so actually raid)
Druid(Healer): Need 2 more(we only have anime)
Druid(Balance): Need 1 more(we only have Arv)
Shaman(Resto): Need 2 or 3 (3 If Big R goes ele)
Priest(Holy): Need 1 more( we got Eradicus and Zmilla)
Priest(Shadow): Need 2 More( we only got Yurozoth)
Rogue: Need 2 more(we only have Tylonous and Theeroguee)
Mage: Need 1 more but not sure(We have,Blue,Ovoria,Pyro)
Warlock: Need 1 more(we got Naicele and Balrogas)
Hunter: Need 1 more but not sure( We got,Novus,Skrull,Bigger,Guilty)

Now,these numbers may seem very large in some cases and low in others,also,depends on various situations.

IMO we need theese ppl to be able to even consider 25 mans and to have a supply from where to pick,if ppl can't make it.

Also,another issue:

I have given some names above...most of those,are the ppl who actually cared to come online for raids and get better gear,read up on tacticts,do heroics,improve playstyle...etc in order to improve their gear,skills FOR THE RAIDS AND GUILD,not only log in for spots and free epics. Tbh...we had situations whem some 1 raided for 5-6 times in order to get an item and it ended up in an > Epic Logger's< hands.

The people who raid more should have loot priority over Epic Loggers,Full stop.

We need more reliable members.

Sorry if it sounded harsh but its the truth and most of u know it.

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