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Leaving the guild... Empty Leaving the guild...

Post  Syrindor on Tue Sep 30, 2008 3:27 pm

I am sorry to say this but I have decided to leave Brothers GriM. Crying or Very sad

The main reason for this is the general lack of interest in raid progression I have seen. Two weeks ago I was in a group that didn't do anything after opera because there weren't enough people, plus people leaving.

Last Sunday was even worse, what should have been at least one group guild run became a terrible pug. At 1:59 PM there were only 4 other people online actually interested in raiding Kara and 8 people in total including myself online. Some time around 16:00 there was a one hour break. The off-tank was late so we had to replace him. What followed was more people DCing/going AFK/etc (pug people and guild members alike, so much for the requirement to stay until the end...) until I had no choice but to lead the raid on my own with mostly inexperienced pug people or badly geared (or both). Of course, these people were so unreliable that I ended up having to replace members on a regular basis due to DCs/AFKs/people getting mad and leaving due to ninja pulls/etc. Eventually we did made it up to Prince but wiped because many were dying in the first 15 seconds (not my fault though, Prince was on me the whole time).

But probably the most annoying thing of all was the pug druid who constantly wanted to "need" on almost every piece of loot that dropped whether it was for main spec or not. (Good thing I had Master Looter on.) I say in /rw "Roll for [random mail item] main spec" he /rolls and spams "plz plz can I have the leather one". And let's not forget the 50+ non-guild people who whispered me "inv plz" without even asking if there was a free spot or caring if they were geared for the fight. (I know it's Kara, but don't come in greens and blues, badly enchanted too and PvP/wierd specs.)

In any case, I would like to do 25-man raids as well and that is not something I can do in this guild regardless of how much epic gear I try to collect, there simply aren't enough people interested in that, plus I don't want to have anything to do with "CiR" either.

Goodbye, and I sincerely hope things will improve in the future, if not now, maybe in WoTLK. But don't take it personal, it's just that leaving seems like the right thing to do at this moment.

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