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Post  Guilty on Tue Oct 21, 2008 3:46 pm

I will be creating a guild(Gm will be Steelrage,my warr).I will start it ASAP and attempt on gathering a small united core,but it will reach its original purpose in WOTLK.

This guild will be called Brethren of GriM and its purpose will be a very specific one:separating the "hardcore" from the casual.

Hardcore may seem a strong word,but i assure you that it will not be strict at all,except for 3 rules:
1.If you sign up for the raid and not show up (3 times) it will be considered your attitude does not suit us and action will be taken.(either you return to brothers grim,if u were an original member,or leave if u were not. If brothers grim will take you in,it is up to them.)
2.Its expected to perform well in a raid environment and attend at least 50% of the raids.
3.Be politite and have a mature attitude when it comes to raids(spots,setup,preparation..etc) and everything that implies.

There will be only 3 ranks: GM,Core,and raiders(members). The members will be treated as equals,if its too much I will limit it to 2 ranks,Gm and members.

If you allow it,my friends,it will be and considered a Sub-division of Brothers GriM.
I want it to be in a very close relationship with brothers grim,so we can help eachother and enjoy the game.I don't want it to be a stand alone guild! It won't need many members,a total of 25-30 devoted people will do more then just fine.

It will be hard for me to make this happen and i will need your help! any 1 that is willing to give me a hand in making this happen is more then apreciated.

Furthermore,It will use the same website,so peaple can feel even more united.No need to merge with CiR or with other guilds when we can make this happen on our own!!

If any 1 wants to give me a hand with this please let me know!! Any advice is also more then welcome!

AND REMEMBER! I don't want a stand alone guild! We will be the "hardcores" of BG under our own banner,thats all!

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