wow i made it back here! So who shall be in the 10 man?

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wow i made it back here! So who shall be in the 10 man?

Post  Naicele on Tue May 26, 2009 3:38 pm

found the forum, fels wierd being back^^.

Ok then so here is a start of a list of the 10 members we will start with:

1. Naicele/Morgare DPS/Healer
2. Feuya/Aspros DPS/Tank
3. Taurusk/Wrathdrake DPS/Tank
4. Sepico Healer
5. Magii DpS
6. Phockz DpS
7. Shor DpS

Ok so these are ready as of now,
for the remaining 3 spots suggestions are:

8. Bluefrenzy DpS
9. Elrohirs Tank/Dps
10. Arthazz Tank/Dps

So problem with these is that Elro said he cant come on wednesdays or thursdays (is that correct el?) and i havent talked to blue.

dont think the below is nessecary anymore but leave it for now:
So backups are then for the last 3 spots:
8. Tha palla etylen maybe? Dps/healer
9. Wrath suggested Warzog tank
10. open for suggestions altho a druid be nice or a hunter if blue cant come.

So comments plz
Very Happy

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