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5.The Curator

a) Atacks and Abilities

Basic Melee: Around 3000 on a tank
Summon Astral Flare:Summon one Astral Flare every 10 seconds (Flare Phase)
Hateful Bolt: An arcane bolt that hits a non-tank character for 4435-5999 Arcane damage.
Evocation: Go completely inactive for 20 seconds while re-filling mana and increasing damage taken by 200% (Evocation Phase)
Soft Enrage: At 15% health, increase melee attack speed and Hateful Bolt cast rate while ceasing new Evocations or Astral Flare summons
Hard Enrage: Standard hard enrage after 10 minutes
Immune to arcane, poison and mana drain spells and effects.

Astral Flame(AD)

Health: 17,000HP
Melee: none
Arcing Sear: Rapid-fire chained attack which hits up to three targets within ten yards for 675-825 arcane damage each
Immune to taunts, stuns, roots, and snares

6.Shade of Aran

a) Atacks and Abilities

Very low armor
Immune to Mind Numbing Poison, Curse of Tongues, and Silence
Basic Spells Frostbolt – Three-second cast, 3500 to 4500 frost damage and four-second slow. Interruptible
Fireball – Two-second cast, 3910 to 5290 fire damage. Interruptible
Arcane Missiles – Five-second channeled spell that shoots five missiles, each dealing 1260 to 1540 arcane damage (6300-7700 total). Interruptible
Chains of Ice – Ten-second root, does not break on damage. Dispellable. Appears to be a chance on hit with frostbolt, similar to mage's Frostbite
AoE Counterspell – Ten-yard radius permanent AoE around Aran, locks out schools of magic for 10 seconds
All of Aran's basic spells have infinite range (even through walls—they hit anywhere in the instance) and are randomly targeted. Pets are valid targets for these spells, including the snakes from Snake Traps.

All slowing and root effects are dispellable (magic), and can be broken by the usual methods.

It is possible to interrupt and lock out all his basic abilities to the point where he starts to use his melee attack. He sometimes takes a swing even when not all his schools are locked. When meleeing, he uses a normal aggro table. This can cause problems, as he can move out of the center of the room and leave the raid out of position.

Arcane Missiles seem to be semi-intelligently targeted at the raid member with the lowest percentage health, but this may simply be a random effect.

Special AbilitiesEvery 30-35 seconds, Aran uses one of his three special abilities (never the same twice in a row). The special abilities cannot be interrupted or locked out.

Flame Wreath: Five-second cast which creates a fiery aura around three random characters for 20 seconds. When the auras are triggered by moving over them, they deal 3,000–4,000 fire damage to everyone in the room. They do not disappear upon Aran's death and can still be triggered after the fight
Circular Blizzard: Large AoE that moves slowly clockwise around the room. Deals 1313 to 1687 frost damage every two seconds and slows movement speed by 65%, does not hit the center of the room
Magnetic Pull / Slow / Super Arcane Explosion: Pulls everyone to the center of the room and Slows them. This is followed by a ten-second cast Arcane Explosion that deals 9,000-11,000 damage in a 20 yard radius.
Conjured Water ElementalsAt 40% health, the Shade of Aran summons four elite Conjured Water Elementals with 13,000 health. They shoot a constant stream of Waterbolts for ~1000-2000 damage and despawn after 90 seconds.

Polymorph / Drink / PyroblastAt 20% mana or less (about 30k), Aran mass Polymorphs the entire raid, conjures some water, and starts drinking. After about ten seconds, or if his drinking is interrupted, the polymorph breaks and Aran does a pyroblast for 7000-7500 fire damage on the whole raid.

Shadows of AranAfter 12 minutes, he goes berserk and calls Shadows of Aran. They have various high-damage AoE abilities which wipe the raid within seconds. This is not a serious concern; the fight should never take that long.

7.Terestian Illhoof

a)Atacks and Abilities

Basic Melee - Illhoof hits for around ~1800 damage on a tank.
Shadow Bolt - Illhoof fires a ~4000 damage Shadow Bolt at the highest target on the aggro list.
Sacrifice - A random character is summoned to the center of the room and is paralyzed, suffering 1,500 unresistible (and unabsorbable) shadow damage per second until the chains (which count as a creature) are destroyed. While the chains are up, Illhoof is healed for 3,000 health per second. The chains have roughly 13,000 health. Can be removed with Ice Block or Divine Shield. Cannot be cast on the main tank (although it CAN be cast on someone tanking Kil'rek). A druid can use barkskin while chained up, which will ultimately reduce the damage while in the chains from 1500 to about 1300 damage per second.
Berserk - After 10 minutes, Illhoof goes berserk, spamming high-damage Shadow Bolt Volleys on the entire raid every few seconds.

Kil'rek,the Imp

Kil'rekBasic Melee - Hits for 2,000 on cloth.
Amplify Flames - Undispellable debuff that increases fire damage taken by 500. This is applied to a random target.
Broken Pact - Debuffs Illhoof on death, making him take 25% more damage until Kil'rek respawns (~45 seconds after death).

Summoned ImpsBasic Melee - Around 400, generally used if aggro target is fire immune or in close proximity.
Firebolt - Deals 200 fire damage, up to 700 if Amplify Flames is on the target. Quick casting.


a)Atacks and Abilities

Basic Melee: Netherspite hits for roughly 8k on cloth without any buffs stacked on him.
Nether Burn: Aura type spell (exactly as Baron Rivendare's and Lord Alexei Barov's), deals 1200 shadow damage every 5 seconds, affected by line of sight. This damage is resistible, so shadow resist buffs beforehand can negate much of it. Only active during Portal phase.
Void Zone: Opens a massive void portal that lasts 25 seconds, inflicting ~1k shadow damage every 2 seconds to all players in the selected area. (Similar to that in the Four Horsemen fight of Naxxramas, or Zereketh the Unbound in Arcatraz) Simply move out of the affected area immediately. Players blocking the blue beam (see below) should be especially careful with this because of how fast it can kill them.
Netherbreath: An attack hitting everyone within range of Netherspite dealing ~4.5k arcane damage in addition to knocking them back ~20 yards. Will be cast very frequently during Banish phase. Cast time: 2.5 seconds.
Empowerment: Undispellable self-buff that increases damage by 200%. Cast during Portal phase a few seconds after beams come up and will remain for the whole phase.
Enrage: After 9 minutes, Netherspite will enrage, increasing his damage done by 500% (including Nether Burn). Will generally make quick work of your raid, dealing upwards of 30000 damage per hit in melee.

NOTE - unlike most dragons, Netherspite will neither cleave nor damage players with his tail.

>>>Beams will be listed and explained on the next topic<<<

9.Chess Event....this is very easy...no point explaining...take control of the pieces...and kill the enemy king,while keeping urs alive.

10.Prince Malchezaar

a)Atacks and Abilities

Summon Infernal (All phases)

Malchezaar summons a Netherspite Infernal which, about three seconds after landing, starts continuously casting a Hellfire AoE roughly the size of the one Baron Geddon uses. Each Infernal lives for about 180 secs, and there is no limit for how many of them can be up at the same time. There are typically four Infernals up at a time until the end of Phase Two (see below), after which they will start increasing rapidly. These Infernals are stationary, and must be avoided by the raid. They cannot be targeted or attacked. The cooldown on this ability is 45 seconds during Phases One and Two, and 15 seconds during Phase Three. Malchezaar exclaims one of two emotes to announce an Infernal: "You face not Malchezaar alone, but the legions I command!" or "All realities, all dimensions are open to me!".

Enfeeble (Phases One and Two)

Periodically casts Enfeeble on five characters chosen at random, excluding the current target (the tank). Enfeeble reduces maximum health to a single hit point for about seven seconds. While this effect is active, any damage causes instant death. Healing effects do nothing, but the lost health returns after this undispellable effect ends. Enfeeble is followed by a Shadow Nova, so enfeebled characters must stay 30+ yards away from Malchezaar, and watch out for Infernals. Vampiric effects such as Siphon Life ignore Enfeeble. This does not hit pets.

Shadow Nova (All phases)

Malchezaar's Shadow Nova has a three-second cast, a range of 24 yards, deals about 3000 shadow damage, and includes a knock-back. This attack can be outranged by healers and ranged damage-dealers, so even if they are enfeebled it does not cause much concern. Enfeebled melee must get out of range; however as long as they start running right away they have plenty of time to avoid the Shadow Nova. This attack can be resisted. During Phases One and Two, Malchezaar casts this roughly four seconds after Enfeeble. During Phase Three, he casts it without preliminaries.

Shadow Word:Pain (Phases One and Three)
Periodically casts Shadow Word: Pain on his primary target for Phase One, and on a random target for Phase Three. Can be dispelled. Cannot be reflected. Causes 1500 damage per tick.

Thrash (Phase Two)

Thrash gains two extra rapid-fire melee attacks against Malchezaar's current target. Malchezaar uses this ability unpredictably, from a few seconds to up to a few dozen seconds between each use.

Parry (Phase Two)

Parry avoids a frontal melee attack as the character ability. This is notable because Parry speeds up the next attack by 40%, and is dangerous in combination with Thrash.

Sunder Armor (Phase Two)

Sunder Armor is cast on the main target. As the character ability, this effect reduces the armor of the victim.

Flying Axes (Phase Three)

Malchezaar unleashes his axes on random targets as a separate but untargetable attacking entity. They deal physical damage and appear to have Demonic Frenzy as they start out hitting each new target for only about 400 on cloth, while ramping up to 2000 a hit.

Amplify Damage (Phase Three)

Amplify Damage is a debuff that doubles damage taken from all sources. It is cast on a random target and not dispellable.


a)Atacks and Abilities

Bellowing Roar – Typical dragon fear with a 2.5-second cast time, short duration, and 30-second cooldown. Of moderate range, healers and ranged DPS at max range will be just outside its reach. Resistible with Berserker Rage, Fear Ward, Will of the Forsaken, Death Wish or a PvP trinket. Tremor Totem will also break the fear on pulse. He casts this once every 45 seconds to 1 minute.
Charred Earth – Chars the ground beneath a random player. All players standing inside the affected area (approximately 5 yard radius, visually indicated by smoke on the ground, very difficult to spot if your spell effect detail slider in video options is below half way) receive a DoT that deals up to 3,000 fire damage per second. Cannot be dispelled, but disappears by itself once the player leaves the affected zone. The zones remain for 30 seconds and several of them can be present at the same time.
Cleave – Typical dragon cleave, frontal arc. Hits for approximately 6,000 on plate, 11,000 on cloth.
Distracting Ash – Reduces chance to hit with melee and spells by 30% for 40 seconds. Can be dispelled.
Smoldering Breath – Inflicts 5k to 6k fire damage to enemies in a frontal cone. Deals 1,688 to 1,912 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
Tail Sweep – Inflicts 450 fire damage on enemies in a cone behind the boss, knocking them back. Deals 450 fire damage every 3 seconds for 25 seconds.

Abilities in the Air

Casts Rain of Bones on one random player/pet:
Bombards the area the targeted person was standing at the initial cast with bone fragments, which deal 352-408 physical damage in a 6-yard radius.
Summons five Restless Skeletons.

Each has the following attributes:
Hits for approximately 1,300 on cloth, 450 on plate
Has roughly 13,500 health

Shoots powerful Smoking Blast every second for approximately 15 seconds. Deals 1,850 to 2,150 physical damage (can be mitigated by armor, approximately 750 on plate) to the target and 3,000 fire damage over 18 seconds. The fire damage-over-time debuff can be dispelled. Targeting for this ability is determined by the individual with the highest threat on Nightbane after he goes into the air. The target is usually a healer because damage-dealers typically hit the skeletons during this phase.
Fireball Barrage: If any member of the raid is too far away from Nightbane while he is in flight, he pelts the raid with fireballs, each doing about 3,000-3,500 damage, casting 1 per second until all members are within range. This ability exists to prevent exploiting and is not something you will notice if you do things correctly.

Boss strategies MIGHT be coming up(not sure yet) on the next topic....and soon I will ad here a ZA Boss abilities guide,Gruul,Maggy...SSC and TK can wait a bit:P


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