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Karazhan Bosses(Front Door) Empty Karazhan Bosses(Front Door)

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Hello,on this page you will see listed all the abilities of all the Bosses in Karazhan.
Hope it will be helpfull,here goes:
I will open a new topic and list the strategies too:)


a)Attacks and Abilities:

Basic Melee: 4,715 - 7,508 damage, mitigated by armor.
Immune to taunt effects.
Shadow Cleave: Frontal melee-range AoE attack for around 4,000 shadow damage.
Intangible Presence: A reflectable AoE curse cast every 30 seconds that reduces chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks and spells by 50%. The area of the curse is centered on Attumen's current target.
Mount Up: When either Attumen or Midnight are at 25% he will mount up, both turning into one boss with the higher health percentage of both.
Berserker Charge: A charge that does 200 damage on cloth and applies a knockdown for a brief stun. It hits a random target at 8-40 yards. This charge frequently does only around 200 damage, it is possible for Attumen to get an attack on the charged target causing 6,000+ damage.
Vulnerable to Disarm. (reduces damage about 65%)


a)Atacks and abilities:

Basic Melee: 16002500 on plate.
Immune to Taunt
Vanish:Vanishes without dropping aggro.
Garrote: A physical DoT applied to a random player character after Vanish. Deals 1000 damage every three seconds for five minutes (100,000 total damage).
Blind: A poison-based disorient effect that lands on Moroes' closest non-tank target.
Gouge: A physical stun on Moroes' current target. Breaks on damage. Moroes attacks the target with the second-highest threat while his primary target is stunned.
Enrage: At 30% health, Moroes Enrages, increasing his damage.
Berserk: After a certain amount of time Moroes frenzies and throws daggers at random raid members


Name Class Health Abilities
Baroness Dorothea Millstipe:Shadow Priest-> 67k-> Mana Burn, Mind Flay, Shadow Word:Pain
Lady Catriona Von'Indi:Holy Priest-> 67k-> Greater Heal, Power Word:Shield, Dispel Magic, Holy Fire
Lady Keira Berrybuck: Holy Paladin-> 67k -> Holy Light, Cleanse, Divine Shield, Blessing of Might
Baron Rafe Dreuger: Retribution Paladin -> 67k -> Hammer of Justice, Cleanse
Lord Robin Daris: Arms Warrior-> 84k -> Mortal Strike, Whirlwind
Lord Crispin Ference: Protection Warrior -> 83k -> Disarm, Shield Bash, Shield Wall

3.Maiden Of Virtue

a)Atacks and Abilities:

Melee: on 14k armor: normally 25003500 every 1.8 sec, 4000-4800 crushing
Immune to Taunt
Holy Ground: permanent 240360 holy damage every 3 sec AoE 12 yards around her. Also silences for 1 second.
Holy Fire: 1 second cast, 32383762 fire damage up front and 1750 fire damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. The DoT is a Magic effect and can be dispelled.
Holy Wrath: AoE chained holy damage, instant cast, 20 second cooldown. Cast on a random target. Does not target or chain onto /off of pets.
Repentance: Deals 17502250 holy damage and incapacitates the whole raid for 12 seconds. Thirty second cooldown. Dispellable only by Divine Shield and Ice Block, but broken by any damage taken. Does not hit the Maiden's target.
Berserk: Berserks after exactly 10 minutes, increasing her damage by ~500%. This isn't a concern for normal raid groups as she usually goes down within 2 to 3 minutes.

4.Opera Event

4.1.Wizard of Oz

a)Atacks and Abilities

Dorothee:150,000hp ->Water Bolt (1.5 seconds cast, Frost Damage 2025-2475), AoE Fear. Cannot be interrupted or tanked, attacks at random.
Tito: 35,000hp -> Interrupts and silences casters. Causes Dorothee to Enrage if killed before her.
Roar: 110,000hp-> Melee: around 3000 on cloth, AoE fear. Very susceptible to fear.
Strawman: 110,000hp-> Melee: around 4000 on cloth. Gains a Disorient debuff after taking Fire damage.
Tinhead: 110,000hp-> Melee: 1500-2000 on plate, Cleave (3 targets, up to 4000 on cloth). Gets a Rust debuff after some time, making him easy to kite.
The Crone: 150,000hp-> Cyclone, Chain Lightning (5 targets, 2775-3225 damage). Appears after the other mobs are dead.

4.2 Big Bad Wolf

a) Atacks and Abilities

Terrifying Howl - Instant. Causes nearby enemies to flee in fear for 3 sec. Cast every 25-35 seconds.

Little Red Riding Hood

Description: Changes the target into Little Red Riding Hood. This increases the likelihood that the Big Bad Wolf will chase them and try to gobble them up!
Effect: Reduces the target's armor and resistances to 0. Increases speed 50% to flee the Big Bad Wolf. Pacifies and Silences.
Wide Swipe - Instant. Stuns the current target for 4 seconds. Casts about as often as Terrifying Howl. This can be used against a target with the Little Red Riding Hood debuff, possibly guaranteeing death.

4.3 Romulo And Juliane

a)Atacks and Ablilities


Eternal Affection: Holy. Calls upon Holy magic to heal an ally. Heal 46250-53750, Cast Time 2 seconds.
Powerful Attraction: Shadow. Stun 6 seconds. Range 45 yards. Cast Time 1.5 seconds.
Blinding Passion: Holy. 4500 Holy damage inflicted over 4 sec (1500 initially, then 4 ticks of 750 each). Range 45 yards, Cast Time 2 seconds.
Devotion: Holy. Holy damage dealt is increased by 50%. Spell casting speed is increased by 50%. for 10 sec.


Backward Lunge: Physical. Strikes at an enemy behind the caster, inflicting weapon damage plus 300 (Knock Back 35 yard).
Deadly Swathe: Physical. Strikes at nearby enemies in front of the caster, inflicting weapon damage plus 300 (Affects up to 3 targets).
Poisoned Thrust: Physical. All statistics reduced by 10% (Stacks up to 8 times), the debuff can be depoisoned.
Daring: Holy. Increases the Physical damage dealt by the caster by 50% and the caster's attack speed by 50% for 8 sec.

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